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Capital District E-Week Model Bridge & Catwalk Competition

The high school model bridge competition is open to full-time high school students.
The middle school model catwalk competition is open to 7th and 8th grade students.
Both competitions involve building a model truss-type bridge out of balsa wood with the parts joined by yellow carpenter’s glue. Catwalks must be constructed using only the materials provided.
Materials for the construction are available to your school at no cost for both competitions.

Congratulations to all our competing students and Winners!
An exciting competition for sure.
Click here to watch the recording of the broadcast.
Aesthetics Reel starts as 2:30
Bridge competition starts at 32:30

2023 Model Bridge Results

2023 Model Catwalk Results

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Kaizen is the principle of continuous never ending incremental improvement and we need your help to achieve better results each year.
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High School Model Bridge Competition Information and Rules
High School Model Bridge Competition Flyer

Middle School Model Catwalk Competition Flyer
Middle School Model Catwalk Competition Flyer

Previous Years Result Pages:

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