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When the going gets tough, you can expect me to stay committed to you and your project because I live for creative solutions to challenging problems, no matter the size. I’m energized and inspired by a good challenge my team and I can solve with good engineering. I’m Timothy Schroder, Lead Solutions Engineer, at Enginuity Engineering & Design and I’m actively involved with every project we take on.

Whether you’re building a home, remodeling, putting in a new opening, taking out a wall or noticed your home has a “condition” you’d like to cure, it’s hard to know what you don’t know. Enginuity Engineering & Design can help you see behind the sheetrock and solve your challenges cost effectively.

When you’re creating, renovating, or maintaining a space that you’re going to live or work in, it’s important to you, it’s a place you love. It needs to be designed and built with integrity and safety at its core. At Enginuity, we engineer solutions that love you back.

You can trust that I manage a progressive team that builds, innovates, and creates with an eye toward saving your money and executing your vision, with safe, sustainable, code compliant solutions to every design challenge.

An engineer with 30 years of hands on experience in the construction industry, your project will thrive as the direct result of the broad range of expertise and experience I bring to every project. I commit to a great project, accomplished efficiently, every time.

On my first engineering job for a hospital expansion, the Lead Design Engineer, Joseph Massara, said to me, “Tim, they dream it up upstairs, we make it work down here.” It was brilliant! At that office, the architects –envisioning wonderfully grand plans--worked on the second floor. The engineers—bringing the visions into reality --worked downstairs. I never forgot Joe’s words. They’ve become an integral part of the philosophy behind Enginuity Engineering & Design: We make it work.

When I’m not immersed in an engineering project, you’ll find me engineering anyway. My wife and sons will tell you I eagle eye every structure we step foot on and continuously strive to better understand their inner workings. I’m constantly engineering new ways to solve problems.

Engineer: it’s who I am. It’s also what I do.

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